Filipa's research explores the interface between digital media and queerness.

Queer Tools

This dissertation project takes a critical look at digital tools to see how they work in unexpected ways to study life writing by queer authors. She's interested in manuscripts, diaries, journals, and memoirs from the "long 20th century," including works by Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes, Gloria Anzaldua, Alison Bechdel, Yiyun Li, Jordy Rosenberg, Carmen Maria Machado, among others. Each chapter of her dissertation takes up one digital tool for reading, editing, annotating, and archiving, and explores how the tool might be "queered" to show the limitations of human-technological interactions. You can continue reading about this project on the "Queer Tools" page or follow along on her dissertation journal.

TEI Encoding

As the second chapter of her dissertation, “Encoding Queer Erasure,” this project examines Oscar Wilde's revisions of homosexual and homoerotic content from "The Picture of Dorian Gray," 1890 & 1891. To trace this revision history, Filipa uses TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), a set of standards for electronic editing based off eXtensible Markup Language (XML). So far, she has begun to encode the first chapter of the manuscript and collate it with the periodical and print book versions. Read more about this project on the TEI Encoding page, and see her TEI Workshop materials for an example of using TEI to encode Wilde's manuscript.

Social Annotation

Filipa is modifying a digital annoation tool (based on to teach close-reading. Her project involves paring down the complex annotation tool into a simple multi-color highlighter to mark immediate emotions, feelings, and gut reactions during the reading process. For this project, she's thinking about how color and nonverbal methods can engage embodied reading practices in ways that resist trends of data collection and analytics in most EdTech (Educational Technology) tools. Read more about this project on the Social Annotation page, and follow her project development and notes.